Snow Sports Programs for Schools​​
This year's programs are dedicated to a Celebration of the Winter Olympic Games of 2018

A typical school program consists of the On Campus Ski & Snowboard Skills and Safety (SSSS)Program  and the Winter Games Express Trip to Cataloochee Ski Area.  Programs can be a "Club", Feild Trip, or even curriculum PE Class program.

In The SSSS Program, the "newbie" can learn a skill set that will make his or her first experience on the slopes the safest and the most successful possible.  This is done on  a "Snow Turf/Dry Slope" right on the local school campus during before or after school sessions. The SSSS Program lasts one week and consists of 3/4 days of skills practice on the dry slope and one day in the classroom covering safety proticol and The Responsibilty Code of the slopes. *

The Winter Games Express Trip leaves your school VERY EARLY and heads to Maggie Valley, NC for a great day of skiiing and snowboarding and returns in the evening.  With the exception of the field trip programs, family, faculty and friends are all welcome and encouraged to join in on these "community" events.

 Also you and your family and friends can ski with us at discounted rates on many weekends throughout the season including after the field trip.  Just email [email protected] or call 770-401-3314 to join us!  
Don't miss the most amazing Spring Break Trip to Winter Park Colorado

Every year the SSSS Leads an amazing trip to  Colorado during Spring Break at a
price you won't believe! A great Family Outing and we even take stray puppies*
*kids w/out their parents restriction apply